Making a Magnolia Wreath

Magnolias are an iconic structure of the South known for their larger-than-life blooms and evergreen leaves. During the winter, the leaves of this stately tree can make the most impressive garlands and wreaths.

If you're fortunate enough to have access to this Southern beauty, take advantage of their bountiful leaves by making a wreath to add a little greenery to your soon-to-be winter landscape.

Begin with a wreath. Any wreath will do, but I love the natural look of a grapevine wreath. Mine were made by my mother well over 15 years ago, and I've used them many many times over the years.

Begin bundling the magnolia leaves in sets of three by tying the stems together with florist's wire. Make enough bundles to cover the wreath.

Add the bundles a few at a time by tucking the stems into the wreath. Snugly secure the bundles onto the wreath by wrapping with florist's wire as you go along.

Continue adding bundles until the wreath is covered. Be sure to take advantage of the beautiful copper colored back of the leaves to add interest to your wreath.

Last, add a few magnolia pods to finish off your creation.

You can enjoy your wreath for several weeks or more if placed out of direct sunlight.

I love adding fresh evergreens to my winter landscape by taking advantage of the native greenery in my area. And on a chilly morning, there's nothing more invigorating than a thermos of hot coffee and a walk in the woods foraging for fresh boughs.

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